Young people. Cool ideas. Making a living out of doing good.

Imagine you stop working for the man, and decide to start your own business with nothing more than a cool idea and some enthusiasm. ‘Life could be a dream’ think most of us, but for some young people bursting with entrepreneurial zeal that dream is a reality, and a pretty good one at that!

At Peach BM we specialize in working with young people who have started or would like to start, a cool unique business. It takes a lot of enthusiasm, creativity and guts to take that plunge but for some hard working young people it has proved well and truly worth the gamble.

Over the coming months we’ll be writing about some businesses that have caught our eye for being unique, creative and good! In this piece we kick things off with a young business making huge waves (pun intended) in the St. Kilda area, Kite Republic!

Kite Republic

If you’re a St Kilda or Elwood local then no doubt you’ve spent some time down at the beach  during the summer and you might have spied the Kite Republic team doing their thang. The team at Kite Republic absolutely love kite boarding (or kite surfing as the rookies call it).

So what do they do?

Every summer they take kite loads of locals and tourists out for lessons from their portable kite boarding school and sell everything kite boarding from their shop. The school itself is a renovated old horse float  with KR graphics and kitted out with all the gear for your lessons and a couple of iPads they use instead of cash registers (how cool is that!).  After your lesson if you have been converted to Kite Boarding you can buy everything you need for your own Kite Board from Chris at the KR shop located at the St. Kilda Sea baths. There you can find Kite Boards and all the required gear as well as Stand up paddle boards, wetsuits and instructional DVD’s. If you can’t make it into the shop and want to suss out your own kite board then there is the online store for you to check out. During the cooler winter months things slow down a bit so the gang run a trip to Fiji for the seriously narley kite boarders.

Why do we dig it?

KR has been in action for about five years now and after the initial establishment period owner Chris, together with business development manager Nick are stoked with how things are going. Kite Republic is a hit with the locals and adds another funky little activity for tourists in the St. Kilda Elwood area. We reckon it’s a really awesome way to get some exercise, to try something new and soak up summer. It’s a great idea and a really great business.

The Kite Republic Crew

Want to give it a go?

We don’t blame you! If you want to support this awesome local business then click here to check out the website and online store, here for the shop location, or shoot Chris and the gang an email or call and chat to the school 0418 583233 or for the shop 03 9537 0644.

Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on some more young entreprenuers and their cool unique businesses.

Cheers gang!

By Liam Bice

Peach BM blogger and all round nice guy.

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