Young people. Cool ideas. Making a living out of doing good.

Imagine you stop working for the man, and decide to start your own business with nothing more than a cool idea and some enthusiasm. ‘Life could be a dream’ think most of us, but for some young people bursting with entrepreneurial zeal that dream is a reality, and a pretty good one at that!

At Peach BM we specialise in working with young people who have started or would like to start, a cool unique business. It takes a lot of enthusiasm, creativity and guts to take that plunge but for some hard working young people it has proved well and truly worth the gamble.

Over the coming months we’ll be writing about some businesses that have caught our eye for being unique, creative and good! In this instalment of Young Entrepreneurs we’ll be talking about ‘Project Rockit‘; a group of passionate young people putting a new spin on the anti-bullying message.

They’re schooling the bullies and this time the message is sinking in.

Project Rockit.

Project Rockit began in 2006, as the brainchild of sisters Lucy and Rosie who wanted to tackle the issue of schoolyard bullying. The two sisters’, and new member Adam tour around schools throughout Australia presenting their unique take on bullying and leadership in school communities. So far they have presented to over 20,000 school and university students and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Introducing Project Rockit.

The individuals behind this program are the secret to its success. Passionate, driven and creative they are a breath of fresh air to an age old problem.

First meet Lucy. She’s a Melbourne University graduate with a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a diploma in Psychology, the two qualifications complement each other perfectly for this role and it shows! In 2010 Lucy was a guest speaker at the US national “Stop Girl Bullying’ conference and was seen on primetime CBS news. In her downtime from international TV she likes to play drums and hates love song dedications on Mix FM (Amen to that Lucy!).

Her sister Rosie is a highly energetic and passionate presenter. She was given the title of Girlfriend magazines ‘Role Model of the month’ for her work over the past 5 years in addressing bullying including speaking at the Cyber-Racism Summit in Sydney! She has a push bike named ‘Angela Speedwell’ and has performed as a singer with sister Lucy.

Adam has recently climbed aboard the good ship ‘Project Rockit’ and he also has a pretty impressive resume which includes a huge involvement in the United Nations Youth Association of Australia (UNYA). Through his involvement he has worked with remote communities in the Northern Territory, he also hates old undies so you know his head is screwed on right.

What makes these guys different?

We have all had the bullying talks at schools before, we’ve all been told it’s wrong but for whatever reason it doesn’t sink in. Project Rockit redefine the bullying message, using youth leadership as the focus.  They empower students to stand up for the issues they believe in using a creative & engaging approach. It’s entertaining & fun for young people because it’s by young people who understand them.


It really works!!

Feedback after these presentations has revealed that 96% of students found this personally helpful. 96% of over 20,000 students is an amazing result. These three guys are awesome young citizens and fantastic role models for young people everywhere.

Want to check it out?

Yeah you do. If you’re a young person struggling with bullying issues or someone who is interested having project rockit present at your school uni or workplace then check out the website or click here for channel 10′s show ‘The project’ talking to Rosie about bullying and Project Rockit. The team are also working hard on their new e-learning programme, which will allow students from all over Australia to connect into the same message, regardless of how remote their town and school is from the city.

Also if you’re a victim of bullying and it’s got you down then you are not alone. Before things get any worse I beg you to call Kids Help line 1800 55 1800 or Life line on 13 11 14 or check out beyond blue’s website for some awesome advice on dealing with personal issues and mental health.

Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on some more young entrepreneurs and their cool unique businesses.

Cheers gang!

By Liam Bice

Peach BM blogger and all round nice guy.


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