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Imagine you stop working for the man, and decide to start your own business with nothing more than a cool idea and some enthusiasm. ‘Life could be a dream’ think most of us, but for some young people bursting with entrepreneurial zeal that dream is a reality, and a pretty good one at that!

At Peach BM we specialize in working with young people who have started or would like to start, a cool unique business. It takes a lot of enthusiasm, creativity and guts to take that plunge but for some hard working young people it has proved well and truly worth the gamble.

Over the coming months we’ll be writing about some businesses that have caught our eye for being unique, creative and good! This week we look at an organisation using pedal-power to ride towards a better future for young people, their community and our planet. They are called ‘Dismantle’ and we reckon they are absolutely brilliant!



For this edition of ‘young entrepreneurs’ we travel across the Nullabor to W.A, it’s a long way from our Elwood office here in Melbourne, (longer on a bike!) but this concept is worth the trip.

Dismantle is an organisation based in Fremantle W.A that uses cycling as the vehicle to tackle some really big social issues. Lachy Ritchie from Dismantle believes cycling as a form of transport creates healthy, active people, connected communities and a thriving environment. Right on Lachy! So the gang at Dismantle strap on their helmets and get pedalling to tackle the social issues of obesity, depression, youth crime, climate change, sustainability and pollution to name a few. Sounds like a big ask, so how do they manage to do all this? Good question. The guys get amongst the Freo community with a range of bike-friendly events from full on maintenance courses through to casual group rides.

Unfortunately they will not mow your lawn with a bike so apologies for the misleading picture above!


The Bike Rescue Project

The Bike Rescue Project is an amazing idea aimed at some at-risk youth. Basically it is a 20 hour program for at-risk youth aged between 8-14, the first 14 hours are spent learning all there is to know about bike maintenance and restoration, helping to develop some real skills. After those 14 hours the youngsters are given a donated bike and spend the next 6 hours restoring and customising their very own bike. This gives the kids so much more then a bike; it gives them their own sustainable transport option, an education in sustainability, real skills and importantly exposure to some great role models from Dismantle that are young enough to relate to. This is just one initiative from these guys but it highlights their creative approach in tackling some huge social issues.


So why do we love it? 


What’s not to love here? An organisation that encourages people to exercise, get fit, recycle, get to know others in their community, help out troubled youth and help people to stop polluting the atmosphere with cars. That ticks all the boxes! Not to mention the world’s coolest office headquarters, check out the pic above of the renovated shipping containers. Dismantled was created and is run by young people with the motivation of improving their community and the world.

An awesome example of the good that can be achieved by hard working and creative young people!

Get involved!

If you want to get amongst this awesome organisation then good on you. If you’re looking to get your hands dirty there are paid and volunteer positions available at times, for info click here. The shed fills up quick so the gang may not be able to take all second hand bike donations but contact them by email for some info You can also buy a membership to show your support or join a social bike ride. You can even buy a shirt.

If you would like to learn more about this awesome organisation then click here for the website.

Until next time don’t forget your helmet and happy riding.

Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on some more young entrepreneurs and their cool unique businesses.

Cheers gang!

By Liam Bice

Peach BM blogger and all round nice guy.

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