Writing your own marketing content can be quite challenging.

I’m great at writing content for my clients, but for some reason when I’m trying to write my own content, it just feels, well, “hard” sometimes.

My clients tell me the same thing about their “writers block”.

Maybe it’s more stressful because you’re more attached. Maybe it’s hard because it’s not your thing, and you should spend as much time on being with your clients as possible, and less time behind the scenes.

DIY is not always the best strategy

I’m all for small business owners trying to be wise with their money, and doing as much as they can themselves.

I don’t believe that small business owners should spend money on having too many consultants. (Don’t get me started on those SEO “Experts” who are going to get you to the top of google for x $ per month).

But some things just need to be done by someone else if they’re going to have the right impact. I think that marketing content is one of those things.

If you think you’re good at writing, great. Maybe you could do the first draft of your marketing content. But perhaps the final draft could be reviewed by a professional copy writer, or perhaps a wordsmith friend. Don’t try to do it all yourself. It’ll probably backfire.

Getting your brand statements right is really important

If in doubt, remember these three things:

- Keep it simple

- Write using words that you would say out loud

- Think about your customers when you’re writing, not your brand

Good luck Peachies!

We love seeing what you do :)

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  • Scott

    When you’re writing copy for a client, you write it as YOU see the their business.

    When you write copy for your own company, you write it as you want OTHER’s to see your business.

    The latter is much harder.


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