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Imagine you stop working for the man, and decide to start your own business with nothing more than a cool idea and some enthusiasm. ‘Life could be a dream’ think most of us, but for some young people bursting with entrepreneurial zeal that dream is a reality, and a pretty good one at that!

At Peach BM we specialize in working with young people who have started or would like to start, a cool unique business. It takes a lot of enthusiasm, creativity and guts to take that plunge but for some hard working young people it has proved well and truly worth the gamble.

Over the last few months we’ve been writing about some businesses that have caught our eye for being unique, creative and good! In this piece we’ll be looking at Young Vagabond; a great new concept aimed at supporting and inspiring teenage girls to reach their potential.

Young Vagabond.

YoungVegabond-7233What is ‘Young Vagabond’?

Well firstly it is one of the most creative and intriguingly named concepts I’ve come across. But besides that it is the brain child of Haylee and Ashleigh, who recognized how existing media aimed at teenage girls can make this period in their life much harder. Many publications have an unhealthy focus on body image for example, so an alternative was needed. Young Vagabond will produce a magazine focusing on empowering young women, and inspiring them to reach their potential in all areas of life! So, let’s meet the young women behind this awesome concept…



Meet Haylee and AshleighTHELMA

Ashleigh and Haylee are two young women in their 20′s and are super passionate about a range of issues. Not surprisingly issues surrounding young women are pretty high on that list. Though they admit to having different experiences during their teenage years they both felt that they would have benefited from a publication with more integrity than what was available.

The girls dream of running Young Vagabond together, full-time, in the not too distant future. In the interim though, they each remain very much their own people. Ashleigh enjoys an active lifestyle, and socialising when she can find the time. Both girls are self-confessed addicts of fantasy literature. Haylee uses any spare time to relax by painting or doing pilates, and she also eats Parmesan cheese straight out of the packet, buy hey, whatever floats your boat!

How will they do it?

thelma haylee ashleighAfter some research the girls discovered that among the social networking with the lol’s, the omg’s and the bff’s, girls still read magazines! So the plans are to create a bi monthly magazine that focuses on a range of issues relevant to young women. Including:

Positive body image, bullying, individuality, friendship and ambition to name a few.

There will also be guest contributions from inspiring young women such as singer songwriter Thelma Plum (check out the pic with Haylee and Ashleigh on the right) and many more prominent females whose achievements will be celebrated and hopefully inspire the readers to reach their own potential.

The magazine will be complemented with plenty of content on the website and facebook and twitter accounts (links are below).

Why we dig it?

Most teen girl mags will only feature professional, airbrushed models of one body-type, between that and the usual cover piece on Lindsay Lohan’s latest court appearance. Those kinds of magazines send horrible messages to young girls about society’s expectations of them, and ‘Lilo’ is not the kind of role model these young people need.  This magazine will represent women of all shapes and sizes,telling them to ignore the BS and embrace the unique qualities that make them who they are. They are also going to be printing the mag on enviro-friendy matte finish paper.

Right on!

But what if it didn’t happen..?

That’s right this concept is not a reality just yet! To get this concept off the ground Young Vagabond has registered with crowd funding website ‘Pozible’. It’s a unique way of raising funds in that no money will be deducted from anyone who donates account unless the target of $15,000 is reached by 23rd January. So Young Vagabond needs your support!! You can donate on Pozible by clicking here, just $10 and you will get the first issue for free, delivered to your door.



 Get Involved!

Other ways to get involved are to give the page a like and a share on Facebook by clicking here, follow the twitter account, or have a look at the website here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this great concept. But don’t forget it needs your support to come to fruition so get behind it folks! Thanks a lot :)




Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on some more young entrepreneurs and their cool unique businesses.

Cheers gang!

By Liam Bice

Peach BM blogger and all round nice guy.


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