so you're starting a business19 Aug 2017

Thoughts for aspiring business owners

So. You've been thinking about starting your own business for a while now. You're taking it seriously, and you've done some work scoping out what your business is going to look like, who your customers will be and what you will do for them. It's a very exciting and nail-biting time just before you launch. I've noticed a few things working with small business owners for seventeen years, and being a business owner for the last seven. These are my tid-bits

Business planning in a cafe29 Apr 2017

One page business plan

There you are, sitting in your favourite cafe, sipping on your coffee or juice. You’ve been thinking on an idea for a business for a while now, and you think you could be onto something good. The questions and doubt start to kick in (totally normal). Does it have legs? Can I do this? Will it work? and other questions pop into your mind... A business plan on a napkin It’s time to grab a

Good Business partnerships24 Apr 2017

Creating Good Business Partnerships

You're about to start a business The early stages of business are exciting. You’re nervous, optimistic, hopeful, and you feel a tingling in your veins. You’re onto a good idea and you’re excited about getting knee deep into it. Maybe your business idea is too big for one person. Maybe you have strengths in one area and not another. Or maybe you and your friend/lover/sibling/parent/cousin/workmate hatched the idea together, and now you’re going into business. Some

People are starting new businesses.

So, it's already November. Actually it's nearly December! It's been an incredibly busy time at Peach. I think this speaks volumes about what is happening out there in small business. People are starting them. We've been busy because people are starting businesses. We're seeing increasing numbers of people, tired of working for someone else, or perhaps forced into re-thinking their careers after being made redundant, becoming small business owners.

DIY Marketing

Writing your own marketing content can be quite challenging. I'm great at writing content for my clients, but for some reason when I'm trying to write my own content, it just feels, well, "hard" sometimes. My clients tell me the same thing about their "writers block". Maybe it's more stressful because you're more attached. Maybe it's hard because it's not your thing, and you should spend as much time on being with your clients as