IMG_135826 May 2012

What we can learn from the Sea Shepherd

I recently had the pleasure of a tour of the Steve Irwin, one of the Sea Shepherd boats which happened to be docked at Williamstown lately. To be honest, I don't know enough about what they do to know whether I'm 100% with their cause or not. I love whales. I think that killing them is wrong. I also love seals, flathead sharks and other creatures of the deep that the Sea Shepherd actively protetcs

Advertising your small business can afford

It's true. Getting your business name out there takes time, and, most of the time, money. But there are some great free (and almost free) options to get your business name established that all small business owners should know about. 1. Google Places Possible the best free advertising there is. Jump on Google places and create a place page for your business. This works best when you have a physical office, and you'll be amazed at

Starting a Band

Starting a business is a lot like starting a band. No, really. When you first start a band , you'll probably be writing obscure, hard to dance to, hard to remember, hard to sing to songs in your garage. (They'll be awesome). You'll be dreaming about your twelve minute guitar solos, your acapella vocals and hard to reach notes. When you realise that it is difficult to find a following with that material, and you

Featured on Flying Solo

I was recently interviewed for the Spotlight on Flying Solo. Here's what I had to say... 21 Oct 11 | Flying Solo We ask the tough questions What's the biggest thing you've learnt this year? I am lucky to be able to scratch my own nose when it's itchy. Not everyone can.

Free Superannuation Tool

If you have less than twenty employees, you're eligible to sign up for a pretty sweet little offerring from our government. They have a free Superannuation Clearing House, which you can use to make only one payment for your employee's superannuation each quarter, and they deal with the rest of the process from there. This could potentially cut out hours of work for you making separate payments to a number of funds, and filling in a