How We Help

We work as a business manager, finance manager, bookkeeper and business strategist all rolled into one.

We tailor the support we provide to suit where you’re at. Here’s what we can do:

  • Small business CFO
  • Forecasts, budgets and cash flow projections
  • Management accounting and business analysis
  • Business plans and strategy workshops
  • Business mentoring and financial coaching
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll – we can do it for you, train you or just help you when you need it
  • Cloud software selection, training and support
  • Joining your board or management meetings

We do this at a fraction of the cost of full time staff with no compromise on quality or outcomes. We charge by the hour or a monthly retainer, and our services can be scaled up or down to suit what’s happening in your business.

Business Mentoring

We can guide and mentor you at any stage of your business, making you accountable and celebrating the wins with you. It’s our job to give you support and advice to keep your business alive. You know the stats – so many small businesses fail in the first few years.  Most businesses fail because they aren’t able to be flexible and adapt to their surroundings. New entrepreneurs need to get a handle on their numbers fast – understanding your cash flow will keep your business afloat.

Management Accounting

We’ll make your numbers easy to understand and help you forecast and plan your cash flow and goals. We create bespoke financial reports and forecasts that speak to your business and what it needs to do. We’ll show you where to look, what to take notice of and what it all means. Your management accounting reports form part of your business plan and strategy, and we’ll make them as relevant as possible.

CFO For Hire

Once your business is established, we can slot in as your CFO and finance team. As your business starts to grow, you need to get a really tight understanding of your cash flow, profitability and working capital. You may not be ready for a full time CFO, but your business does need business intelligence from someone who knows what they’re doing. You should be on top of your business finances at all times. That’s where we come in – we provide high level, high quality reports and advice. And you only pay for what you need, so your business can grow big and strong with a lean cost base.

Business Plans

A business plan is a vision board for your business goals

One of the smartest ways to set out the vision for your business is with a great business plan. It’s also the best way to stress test an idea, inform a business decision or give your comfort that your strategy makes sense. We love creating business plans that evolve and grow with the business. Our business plans are created in the cloud, are creative, colourful, fun and informative. A plan can be created for any sized business and should be updated as often as possible. We can provide sideline assistance to allow you to do the bulk of the work, or create the whole business plan for you. As with all of our services, you decide how much work you’d like to do and we do the rest.

Joining Your Board

If you’ve been in business for a few years, it could be time to form a board. We can help you to create the structure and purpose of your board, run or participate in regular meetings and be there as your go-to back up. Fiona sits on various small business and not for profit boards, and has a unique mix of business savvy and emotional intelligence that works well in the board room.

Your Bookkeeper/Finance Team

Your bookkeeper doesn’t need to be one of your staff, or even work from your site. We provide an efficient, streamlined back end support service so you can get back to running your business the way that YOU want to. We have a team of excellent bookkeepers available to work remotely or on site, and everyone is local and paid Australian wages. We’ve developed systems for many businesses and we can do the same for you – allowing you to do things the way that suits your business flow, and keeps your costs low. You can turn our service up or down depending how busy you are, and control your business admin spend.

The Cloud & Software Selection

Yes, we love the cloud. The software that we use and recommend to run our business and our books is in the cloud, affordable, easy to use and time saving. Some of our favourites are Saasu, Xero, Dropbox and Workflow Max. We run a paperless office and we can teach you how to run one yourself. We can help you to select the right software for your business and train you to use it.

Small Business Training

Working with a business mentor and finance coach is a great way to get small business training. Because we’re working together on your real life business, you’re learning fast, learning well, and getting to test your knowledge and skills straight away. We’ll help you to become financially literate and to understand the ins and outs of business.