Virtal CFO

Financial expertise, paid by the hour

Established Businesses

For businesses with turnover above $2m

Your business has grown and you need to be on top of your finances to capitalise on your business opportunities. You need more than your bookkeeper can help with, and your tax accountant is helpful but not quite what you're looking for. What you need is a financial strategy and someone to help make it happen. I've been working on retainer as the CFO with many established businesses for nearly ten years. 

Maybe you don't need a full time CFO after all?

Small and medium business has been my speciality since 2000. I know it. I love it. I know my way around the boardroom, financial statements, cash flow and business strategy. I can do anything a salaried CFO/finance manager would do, but you only pay for the hours you need. 

Finance Consulting

Projects and Once Offs  

Business Plans from $2500 + GST
Marketing Strategy from $2500 + GST
Grant Applications from $2500 + GST
Business Health Check $1500 + GST
Strategy Reboot from $1000 + GST

Monthly Retainers

  • Financial Forecasting 
  • Cash flow planning
  • Financial Reporting
  • Business advisory
  • CAPEX forecasting
  • Business plans

Retainers from $1000 + GST per month


We'll customise a workshop to suit the needs of your business and team.

Topics could include:

  • Business as a force for good - how to turn your business into an impact machine
  • Business Strategy Reboot - getting your company back on track
  • Business Brainstorm - get creative and bring innovation to your business and your team

Starting from $1500 + GST

To find out more email or book a 15 minute phone call:  Book It

Rosie Thomas, Project Rockit

Peach (led by Fiona) is the backbone of our business. We've been celebrating finding Peach ever since because it's a complete rarity! There is no job too big or small. Each request is met with a speedy, positive and non-judgemental response, making us feel so supported that we can focus on what we do best - creating positive change by helping young people stand up.

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