Profit Coaching

Time to take things up a notch?

Getting Serious about Your Business

For businesses with 3 - 12 staff and income up to $2M

Business is good. It’s going the way you want it to, and now it’s time to make a profit. You’re ready for a financial roadmap to show you how your numbers stack up.  You want to look beyond the day to day and work towards the future of your business. Strategic and focused.

We start by assessing your business health and imagining its future. Then we make a plan. Then I check in on you regularly to keep the ship on course. The check ins are where the magic happens: I'll keep you supported, informed and accountable.

Business Planning and Improvement - One off Services

Business Planning and Improvement - Ongoing Programs

These options are right for you if you're really ready to work on business planning and improvement, and you know it's a long game. These programs will have you improve your business incrementally every month until you barely recognise it.

Rosie Thomas, Project Rockit

Peach (led by Fiona) is the backbone of our business. We've been celebrating finding Peach ever since because it's a complete rarity! There is no job too big or small. Each request is met with a speedy, positive and non-judgemental response, making us feel so supported that we can focus on what we do best - creating positive change by helping young people stand up.

Is your business turning over more than $2m? This is how we could work together.