Our Story

A conversation in an olive grove

Peach sprouted during a trip to the Grampians in rural Victoria in 2010. In a beautiful olive grove, I met an extraordinary woman who would change the course of my career and my life. That woman was Jane Seymour, the founder of Mount Zero Olives. After an interesting conversation about the organic skin care brand she was launching, I was thinking about how much small business founders need to do on their own. I wanted to use my skills in finance and business strategy for something GOOD. For me that means helping business owners to have commercial insights and support to help their businesses to flourish. Peach was born, and Jane was my first client…

Who We Are

We’re accountants who are all about impact, not bean counters.

Six years later, Peach has grown into a business with a small collective of companies we are bloody proud to work with. Non-suit-wearing professionals, we live and breathe small business. Relaxed and unpretentious, we measure our success by the results of our clients – the impact they’re making on their communities and their environment. We’ve got business finances sorted, but we also really understand branding, communication and digital. That’s because we understand business, not just finance. Your bottom line is really important and we’ll make sure yours is in great shape. But to us business is about more than profit. It’s about changing the world to be better, do better and give more.

What We Do

We teach business owners to read their business financials.

We work with founders and small business owners on their business finances. We provide tools and know-how to grow and improve a business, and we make things streamlined and simple. We know that keeping your books up to date and interpreting your financial reports can be daunting, so we take care of all of that for you. We can help with financial reports and forecasts, bookkeeping and payroll, business plans and advice. If you’re not already in the cloud, we can help to get you there.

Who We Work With

Business as a force for good

We work with companies that have a balanced approach to people, planet and profit. We’ll work really well together if you are motivated, enthusiastic, willing to take a risk and trying to have fun with your business. We help to make sure that your purposeful business is healthy and able to grow, make a profit and cause an impact.

How We Think

Stay Small, Think Big, Do GOOD

Being intentionally small is a smart way to grow a strong and healthy business. Being streamlined and efficient makes running your business easier, and being nimble allows you to react quickly.  Small businesses really know their customers, their products and services, their strengths and weak spots because they are close to the action. We know that even small businesses can do good things for the world AND be profitable.